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Adult Programs

Indoor/Outdoor – Juniors, Ladies Only & Mixed Adults
This mid-April Saturday program starts inside on the turf at the Ontario Parks and Recreation. We start learning the swing with the short shots and build it up from there. Once the weather is warm enough to be outside, we head over to OCC to enjoy the elements…grass, wind, cold along with trees, bunkers and water hazards. This program is great for newbies to start their introduction to the game but many of our more seasoned use it to start off slow and easy while reviewing the basics before starting their more intense private or group lessons with us for the season. Groups are designated for Juniors, Ladies Only or any adult.

Stretching and Strategy – Early, early season fitness, open to anyone
Start the season off with our 4 – 6 week indoor program at the Ontario Parks & Recreation learning what main muscles are used in the golf swing and how to stretch and strengthen them for more flexibility and to reduce injury. Along with the fitness part, each week we present you with a golf ‘strategy’ to give your body a break and make your brain work more. Just when you thought you were too pooped to go on, we motivate you with hitting balls.

Family Golf Learner’s Permit – May & June for up to 4 people
Golfing is a great way for the family to spend time together. Our family program starts you off with an orientation to OCC. Then, as a group, you come out for eight (8) 1 ½ hour lessons. We even give you range balls so you can practice together in between your lessons. Throughout the 2 month program, we will introduce you to the golf course and ‘playing’ as you progress in learning the skills needed to be out on the course.

Seniors Only 55+
Restore the fun or enjoy for the first time.
This 6-session early May program will focus on smarter use of Drivers, Hybrids & Sand Wedges. Oh, yea....and let’s throw in some Putting too. Also, it will include lots of walking for exercise, playing from distance appropriate tees for more success & mental focus for memory!
You’ll be able to play with your grandkids in no time.
We will stress essential Non – Athletic skills that EVERYONE can do.

Skills Analysis Sessions – open to anyone, held throughout the season
This is a chance for you to see where your current skill level is and where you need improvement, be it through lessons or extra practice. We set up ‘testing’ areas for putting, chipping, pitching and drivers. After your initial evaluation, we hold group practice sessions in each area, with advanced sessions held on the course once certain levels are met.

Supervised Practice Sessions – open to all current students, held throughout the season
Since we highly encourage you to practice while taking your lessons, 10 years ago we started supervised group range sessions so you can practice while we watch over you. We will remind you of what you should be working on and paying attention to, and we always work on and emphasize alignment. After all, what’s the point of a good golf swing if you can’t aim it? Don’t let your practice time be wasted by just hitting balls – practice with a purpose.

GET GOLF READY - Open to everyone
Have FUN right off the bat, while you learn all about the most intriguing sport you can play and can be playing for the rest of your life, well into your senior years.
Full swings, partial swings, and putts….that’s all there is, and a driver, a wedge, and putter will handle most of those. There’s just not as much to it as you might think.
In addition, although hitting the ball is clearly important, so is being able to find the pro shop, the first tee, the range, and the bathroom! And, if you’ve never done it before, driving the little golf carts is all part of the learning experience. Seriously, though, walking and carrying your clubs is much better for your health.
We schedule 4 group lessons, each 60 -90 minutes long, and we keep the groups small. Your cost is only $99. We get out on the course day one! After another couple of sessions you can be Golf Ready to get out there without us. FUN and exercise start immediately, while it will take a little longer to shoot really good scores (sorry, but that is the truth). However, you will “enjoy where you are while you are on the way to where you’re going.”
We’ll make you aware of safety, where other people on the course are, lingo, etiquette, and other stuff that will help you feel comfortable in any golf setting. Wear your sneakers, but not your jeans. No clubs, no problem – we will provide what you need. Bring a happy attitude and let’s go!

Making the Turn & Walking with Wedges –Fitness and Instruction program (held mid-season)
This 6-8 week program combines stretching exercises on the range to work on a bigger and more flexible turn for a better backswing. We use weighted clubs, hula hoops, stretch bands and tubing, weights, and your own shadow. We stretch some and then try it out by hitting some drivers! Then we grab our sand wedges and walk the course for exercise and to work on 20 – 60 yard shots, still using our bigger backswings. We walk as fast and as far as we can each week, working on short game along the way.

Specialty Clinics – held throughout the season
Daisy (or Duke) Driver
Sandy Sandwedge
Distance Control
Purely Alignment
Knee Knockers
Inside/Outside – what it means, why it’s important and how to make it happen.
On Course – Dance with the one you brought = how to use what you currently have on the course along with course management & basic rules and etiquette

With all our programs – clubs are provided, if needed, the proper dress code is enforced, sign up and payment is required in advance.

For more info or to join our email list to get the info asap, please contact:
Linda Opalisky, PGA Director of Instruction, Ontario GC