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Course Rules and Regulations

Membership Rules & Regulations

General Rules:

1. For the purpose of these Rules & Regulations, Ontario Golf Club is hereinafter designated as the “Club”. The term

    “Members” shall apply to a person, a business entity or the representative of a business entity to whom any form of

    membership or use rights in the Club shall have been issued by the Club. The membership is purchased to enable the

    member to enjoy the privileges of the Club facilities “Club Facilities”. There are no rights or privileges of ownership

    contained in the membership or use of the Club Facilities.

2. The comfort and convenience of all Members will best be served by strict observance of all the Club Rules &

    Regulations. Members are requested to report any violation of Rules & Regulations (call: 585-495-4653). Members and

    their guests violating same may be escorted from the Club and Members are subject to suspension and/or termination

    from the Club according to the terms of the Club Rules & Regulations.

3. Good order, proper attire and decorum are recommended to be observed at all times on the premises of the Club and

    use of Club Facilities. Members are responsible for the manner, deportment, and appearance of their children and guests

    on the Club premises.

4. All players must register in the pro shop before playing. Members may make tee time reservations up to 7-days in

    advance for themselves and their guests playing with the member. On the day of play, members shall register (check-in)

    themselves and any guest prior to using the Club Facilities. Tee times must include names of all players in the group.

5. The Club is not an insurer of the property of Members or guests. Insurance of Member and guest property is the

    responsibility of each Member. The Club will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property however caused,

    regardless of where the property is checked, kept, left or stored on the premises of the Club.

6. Members shall pay for any loss or damage to the Club property for which they or their guests are responsible. Club

    property shall not be loaned to any Member, guest or any other person for use off the premises for any reason

    whatsoever, unless prior written approval is obtained from Management.

7. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children on premises at all times and shall be responsible for and pay

    for all property damage caused, by their children while on the premises.

8. All transactions shall be paid in cash or credit card. Ontario Golf Club offers no charge accounts to Members or

    their Guests.

9. Ontario Golf Club is a licensed facility. Therefore, only alcoholic beverages purchased from or through the Club

    may be consumed on the premises. The sale of alcoholic beverages by the Club shall be in accordance with state and

    federal regulations.

10. Pets are not allowed on the premises.

11. Members shall not reprimand any employee of Ontario Golf Club. Any improper employee behavior or service

    should be reported to Ontario Golf Club Management.

12. Members shall not send any employee of the Club away from the employee’s work area or off the Premises, nor

    employ the employee to perform any personal service during the time the employee is scheduled for duty.

13. Gratuity is not added to any fees, food or beverage. Members may voluntarily tip employees according to services

    rendered – including bag drop service.

14. The Club shall have the right and power to prohibit any games, sports or other activities which it may, in its judgment,

    consider prejudicial to the general public, the club membership or Ontario Golf Club.

15. Members may not solicit nor circulate petitions or papers on the premises, except for Club purposes and with the prior

    approval of Ontario Golf Club management.

16. Each Member is required to carry his/her membership card at all times while using the Club Facilities and exhibit the

    membership card upon request.

17. The General Manager (“GM”) of the Club and the Club staff as GM’s agents shall have reasonable authority to

    implement and enforce these Club Rules & Regulations reasonably required for the quiet enjoyment of the Club Facilities.

18. No person shall be denied membership to the Club, nor denied use of the Club Facilities, solely on the basis of race,

    creed, color, national origin, gender or disability.

19. Club management may adopt new rules, delete rules or amend the Rules & Regulations at any time in its sole and

    absolute discretion.

20. No Member may resign or request a refund of a portion of their paid membership fees, except for reasons acceptable

    to Ontario Golf Club management, which shall be at management’s sole and absolute discretion.

21. Club membership is strictly “at will” and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause, by either the Member

    or Ontario Golf Club.

22. Medical Leave: Medical leave is only honored in serious conditions, such as stroke or heart surgery, chemotherapy,

    hip/knee replacements, etc. A note from your medical doctor (chiropractors are not accepted) must be requested and

    approved by Club management for the leave to be granted. Management has the right to refuse a medical leave of

    absence in any situation. Medical Leave may be used one time over the course of two (2) years for a maximum of four (4)

    months. All membership privileges are suspended during medical leave.

23. Members will receive Member-only discount for select goods and services made available by Club management from








Golf and Ontario Golf Club Guidelines:

1. Golf is a sport in which etiquette is of paramount importance. Conformity to the rules is recommended if Members and guests are to get

    maximum enjoyment from the limited time they can spend on the course. The responsibility of all golfers begins on the first tee and continues

    through the 18th green and the player must follow the course according to the scorecard. Consideration of others is the most important rule in golf.

2. Profanity, club throwing, and emotional behavior will not be acceptable under any circumstances.

3. All persons entering the golf course must first register in the Golf Shop. This is required of all persons regardless of member type or guest status.

4. U.S.G.A. rules will govern all play unless modified by local rules.

5. All members have a responsibility to support the rules of golf and to assist in their observance by other members and guests. We request

    that violations be reported to Ontario Golf Club pro shop or clubhouse staff. Problems can be reported by calling from your cell phone:


6. Appropriate attire is recommended at all times on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Management prefers that Jeans, offensive t-shirts,

    and cut-off shorts not be worn on the golf course, or in the clubhouse. Collared or “mock turtleneck” shirts are considered appropriate golf

    attire. Recommended appropriate fashion for women includes golf shirts that are not collared. Management reserves its right to refuse a

    person’s entry to the golf course or clubhouse while attired in a manner Management deems inappropriate.

7. The Golf Shop staff shall have charge of the course and will supervise all starting arrangements. All play must start from the number one

    tee or the tenth tee unless otherwise arranged by and through the pro shop.

8. Twosomes may not be permitted to start on any day where the volume of play would be impacted, which shall be at the sole and absolute

    discretion of Ontario Golf Club management. The Golf Shop staff will arrange for an additional player or twosome to fill out the time.

    (Fivesomes may be permitted on the course from time to time, but only upon approval of Management or the Golf Shop staff).

9. Players stopping to sit in the restaurant on the turn will lose their right to course position and must check in with the Golf Shop staff before

    returning to play. Pick up and go without undue delay will not lose a group’s position.

10. Each player is required to have their own set of golf clubs and no two players will play out of the same set of clubs or bag.

11. Members may make tee times up to 7- days prior to play. A member is responsible for all advance tee times reserved and will be billed at

    the member guest rate for times not used or canceled within 24 hours of the reserved tee times.

12. Players falling behind more than one clear hole in front of them will invite the following group waiting on them to play through.

13. Players playing from a bunker should rake the bunker and smooth out all depressions after completing play. Players are requested to

    repair all ball marks promptly upon reaching the green. Players are requested to replace divots after playing from the fairway and/or rough.

14. The golf course may not be used for the purpose other than playing golf. Jogging, running, walking, fishing, driving or riding bicycles on

    Ontario Golf Club property is not allowed at any time. Parents shall be responsible for educating their children about the rules of behavior

    on the course.

15. For insurance and safety reasons, only persons holding a valid driver’s license are permitted to operate golf carts at any time. No more

    than two (2) persons (including children) will be permitted to ride on or in a golf cart at one time, and no more than two (2) golf bags shall be

    carried on a golf cart at one time.

16. State liquor laws prohibit any individual from bringing alcoholic beverages on the Club’s property. Personal coolers are not permitted on

    the Club premises unless for verifiable medical reasons, or as approved by the Ontario Golf Club General Manager which shall be at

    General Manager’s sole and absolute discretion.